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February 03, 2006


Amy Stultz

You know what, recently I bought some wooden unstained-unpainted planes from the craft deptartment at walmart. They were like 5 inches long and plain wood. The kind you buy and paint, but I have been to lazy to paint.

Girl, you can sooo do this cheaper.

Amy Stultz

Ok, this is what I would do cause I am cheap, lol!!!

I would go to walmart or a secondhand shop and buy a cheapie mobile with a white base, you know the arm part. One that can wind up.

Then go to a toy store and buy some little airplanes and tie them on where you snip off all the ugly dancing bears or other similary disgusting baby crud.


David Easterday

I would like to purchase this for you and Ryan as a gift from Tom and I for Porter's birth. Have you bought it yet ?

Uncle David.


That is so great! I love it!

You can keep that around for years- it is a great deco for any age and really you could put it anywhere in the room later!


How perfect! Get scrappin' girly.

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