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January 02, 2006




His room looks great. Almost identical to Charlie's. I need to take some updated pics for you.

I found a really cool "Americana" airplane at Hobby Lobby about a year ago, well, maybe not that long ago. It was after he was born in March, anyways...they may still have them. I hung it in the corner of his room by his crib and he loves to look at it. Just make sure that the monofilament you use to hang it is really thick. Mine was not thick enough and over time it stretched and got lower and lower. LOL! So, had to replace that.

Anyways, when I made Charlies headboard out of the license plates, I had a few left over. If you want I can send you 3 to hang like you were talking. Just let me know through SJ.

Getting close now!



Red airplane! His room is just awesome, Nic. I love it all!!! He's going to have the coolest room on the block! :-)


I love the red one! I agree it will pick up on the reds in the room. Porter is going to have an awesome bedroom! I love the colors.

Shelly- maiasmom (SJ)


My personal preference is the red airplane. I think it would really pick up the red in the lamp shade and the new picture. Looks great!

What a cute piggy bank! :)

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