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January 11, 2008


Kris Dack

Nicole, this is way off the subject, but have you ever looked at IKEA for bunk beds???? They have some inexpensive ones, and they are cute to look at. You can check out their selection at IKEA.COM Just a thought! Take care, hope you are well!


kristi sauer

I will make a prediction that you'll be back to Typepad sooner or later!!!
$89 a year is a small price to pay when you have so many readers and post so often...jmo!


I think you'll be perfectly fine with blogger. It's all so easy now and you can play with the look of your blog all you want, not having to stick to their original templates anymore. They have a ton of widgets and there are some really great templates floating around out there that you can customize all you want. I updated my menu blog at the New Year and I was amazed at the fun templates compatable with Blogger out there now... and how good I'm getting at figuring any of the "code" out that I need to!

Really, the ONLY thing I wish blogger did differently was to automatically respond to comments via email. If someone leaves me a comment, I need to have their email address or just comment back if I want to respond.

Have fun!

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