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January 08, 2008



I downloaded a program that will let you upload 50 posts a day from your wordpress, or livejournal blog to your blogger account. I really had to search for it and I think it was just one that some guy developed and put out there. You might have already done some digging, but I know it took me a while to find it. I'm just wondering if there's something like that for typepad, too.

kristi sauer

I can't believe you don't have any snow there right now! 65'...whoa!!


ugg. michigan weather! i am a freak about my kids birthday parties too. I always go with home made invitations...even if it costs 3x's more than buying them...and home favors. the only thing i usually get store bought is the cake. the lady at bakeateria can literally do anything you want her to.


- yay for the car! boo for the money for the wheel stuff.

-it's not just MI with the crazy weather... we had 73* on Saturday with 70 again on Sunday. 73!!! We were out side ALL DAY LONG. It was like summer! And it's supposed to snow tomorrow... go figure!

-Good luck with all the tax stuff. Get it out of the way early!!

-We should have done the test run with the cake while you were here. More people to try it out on!! Maybe that would be a good project when we come up for some snowmobiling!

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