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January 06, 2008



love your new header! good luck with your masters, hope your car has an easy & cheap fix, voting rocks, all husbands snore and deny it, and i can't believe carlos is blind now - wtf? :)


Hey....Nicole, don't forget when you do get a full-time teaching position your pay scale goes up alot with your Master's, so that's a plus! Believe me I'm fricking out too, more loans, another kid(s), time & energy....not to mention the never ending credits after that! UGH! Will it ever end?

Kasey Laughlin

Hope things have settled down a bit since being home! Love the pictures as always :)


Nic just a quick note-@ West End Meijuer they have a nice looking bunk bed set that I have been eyeing. I am hesitant to get bunk beds, but they can be set up seperate or as a bunk, have the slats (Mission style-type furniture?) Also has a very safe looking rail for the top bunk. The price is regularly $299 & it frequently goes on sale for $249


love the new header. we got our bunk bed at ikea. they have cool ones at great prices. a masters? ugg. you go girl. the good news is you can deffer you student loans while you are in school. you actually have people who will watch porter for free and willingly???? wtf??? i'm so jealous.


A friend of mine found an amazing deal on bunkbeds+mattresses, and they should be getting them in soon, so I can scope them out for you if you want...just remind me!


Good luck on your Masters program - good for you!

Cute tub pics and I second what Kim said about Porter's eyelashes - wow!


Porter has such amazing eyelashes! I can't believe it. Such a cutie. :)


Ooooh, for some reason I LOVE that last one of Sawyer's toes. I was going to ask you if you got any good tub shots. I seriously got maybe two. I'll send a couple your way!


We lie in different parts of the country, but here it's difficult to get a desirable position without a Masters. Every new hire at my old school either had a Masters or was enrolled in a program. The entry level pay scale difference is so minor ($700/year) they can afford it.

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