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November 18, 2007



yeah is is an odb!!! but anyway. i still love thanksgiving for the giving thanks...maybe just not the history. we go to my moms and that is it. luckily we don't have to shuffle around.

Kristi Sauer

I try to alternate every-other-year between my family and e's.


#1 on the list of things I will NEVER do to my children: Fight over holiday time. I will have Thanksgiving in June if it's easiest on my kids and Michael and I will go to Hawaii (or wherever) on the years they are with their in-laws. We have made a pact and signed it and have promised eachother if one or the other gets crazy about holidays and starts pressuring our kids, we will get the pact out and use it to talk some common sense in to the other. I can't control the craziness from our moms (I have tried everything I can think of to make it better and it never is) but I can control how I behave with my kids.


For the last few years, we've spent either the weekend before or after Thanksgiving with my family, and Thanksgiving day with Tom's family. This works well for us because a) my parents live an hour away, so doing both in one day would be pretty ridiculous b) I get to spend an entire weekend with my parents instead of just one afternoon c) we get two Thanksgiving dinners a few days apart, which we love, and which is better than a few hours apart. :) My mom still makes the turkey and everything, and my grandma and sometimes others come over. We have a tradition of going bowling that night. I don't really understand why people put so much emphasis on the DAY - why does it have to be November 22? Even Christmas... as long as you are with your family and eating something good, does it really matter what day it is? I think my mom understands that, and I hope that someday when Max has his own family we'll have the holidays whenever he's able to make it home, too.


Being that my parents are divorced, we always have had Thanksgiving w/ my in-laws & I invite my Mom & Step-Dad along. My Dad gave up long ago on having Thanksgiving since he always was the last one stop to visit because he lives further out, so he was left in the lurch. Sooo, we try to get together w/ him & celebrate Thanks-mas :)
Christmas is a cinch! Christmas Eve has ALWAYS been my side of the family (Mom & Step-Dad, Dad, brother, etc.) Christmas morning is @ home & Christmas day the in-laws can do what they want w/ us.


We always have had Thanksgiving dinner with my mom, brother, grandma, and grandpa. Then on Friday, we have dinner with his parents and brothers and family. This year I volunteered to have EVERYONE at my home. What was I thinking?!

Leslie A. Collins

We're cookin'. We decided enough of the shuffle. Next year, maybe we will go to one house, who knows? Do what makes YOU happy, not others. That is where I get into a bind, too.


We go to my in-laws for dinner and do dessert with my family, usually. I did tell my Mom this year that I wasn't 100% sure we'd make it for dessert. I said we'll try. Though we probably will.


Well, despite the fact that Thanksgiving is long over here...

We do it all together - Brad's parents, us, my mom and sister and Brad's brother/finacee (when they are in town).

Works well, the mom's decide whose house it will be at that year and the other mom usually brings a couple things.

We do the same for Christmas. Everyone comes to our house for Christmas morning/breakfast (cause we have Morgan) and then we go to Brad's parents house (all of us) for dinner.

I think it works out cause there isn't a zillion of us and the parents get along. Makes life SO easy!


Every year that Tony and I have been together, we are always doing the family turkey day shuffle! And fitting in THREE dinners. We always go to his grandma's house at 12, his aunts house at 2, and usually my moms in the evening around 4/5. This makes for full bellies and lots of travel time all over Jackson! Although we would love to one day start the tradition at our house when we too get a bigger house, but feel all the "traditions" are already started and would step on toes if we took over for the dinner. This is usually the same schedule we have for Christmas as well! Oh JOY!!!

Christy Kennedy

this is why i am happy that both sets of our parents don't live in the same place. Although we aren't seeing ryans family for any holiday this year. (but after last years christmas drama with his fam-- I am SOOO ok with that!)

Hope this works better for you. It should be relaxing. Not stressful!


I honestly don't think anyone is ever happy, but we try by switching between the in-laws and my family every other year. After the big meal, we will usually hang out and stop by to say hi to the other parents on our way home. I hate the hustle & bustle and trying to make everyone happy and I'm sure it will only get worse when we add more kids to the mix, but in the meantime this works until we start our own tradition of hosting Thanksgiving.

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