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November 02, 2007



ewwwww. when i was pregnant with cade we went to the outback. i walked in and walked right back out and puked all over the side walk. meat smell. eww.


Oooo, I remember that super smelling preggo nose! I hated it and to think you actually had to smell something REALLY bad with it! Everyday normal smells can be enough. Hope you got everything figured out.


Oh No-eeew!! Is the deep-freezer working again/worth de-stinking-out? Any idea why the stuff thawed out in the 1st place?

Kristi Sauer

Sick!! I don't envy you right about now....


What a bummer! A smell that you can't find - the worst thing ever! And then to find it - AHHH! Hopefully you get everything taken care of this weekend!


Oh that stinks! Sorry to hear abotu it. YUCK!

Sarah S.

oh Yuck! you poor thing, having to smell that all day. Hopefully your house airs out fast so you don't have the lingering smell and have fun picking out the new stuff for the bathroom!

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