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November 24, 2007


Danielle Nilsson

I am so sorry to hear about your dog :( This is soooooooo sad :(


There is a steady stream of tears running down my face as I type this. I am so very sorry for your loss. I know exactly what you have had to go thru. I also just recently put my 15 year old dog to sleep. She was such a sweetheart and I miss her dearly, but when things like this happen it's just so hard to accept. I love your pictures of him, they are sooooo sweet! What a great way of remembering such a special friend! Thank you for this post.


I am sorry to hear about your is so hard to lose a pet...its like losing a member of your family!

Katie C

Im so sorry, i recently had to put Edward down so I know what you are going through.


So sorry for your loss, you made the right desicion. Thinking of you.


i'm so very sorry for your loss. i just sat at my desk and bawled my eyes out. are family will be thinking of yours. zoe

Denise H.

AHHHH! That post just made me cry and cry! I am so Sorry! That has got to be the hardest thing in the world to do.


I am so very sorry for your loss Nicole. We had to have our dear Josie-girl put to sleep shortly after our son was born and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Even knowing that there was no doubt it was the best decicision didn't take away the pain. It will take time, but before long you will smile whenever you remember Samson instead of cry. I am thinking of you.


Nic, Ryan & Porter-
I am so sorry to hear about Samson. Thank you for sharing a heart-felt story of how he came to be part of your family. What a wonderful story!


I am so sorry for your loss. I had tears in my eyes while reading your post. I know how attached you can become to your pets. They become a big part of your family. I lost my lab Shelby this past July and it was so hard. I still miss her so much. My heart goes out to you and you family and I hope you find comfort in all of the great memories that you had with him.


Oh Nicole,

I am So.... So... Sorry that you lost a member of your family this weekend.

Sending Hugs your way.


I'm so sorry... I'm snuggling my dog a little closer right now. Thinking of you.


Nicole, I teared up reading your post because we put our oldest dog family member to sleep not too long ago due to cancer as well. I am very sorry and my heart goes out to you. Samson is at the Rainbow Bridge waiting to rejoin you in the next life, hang in there.

Michelle Sauer

Ahhh, I'm so sorry Nicole. I was crying when I read that. We recently had to put one of my childhood dogs to sleep. It was a terrible decision to make, but it was the right one. If life isn't comfortable for them, why make them suffer because we want one more day with them? It's hard, but you will find comfort knowing he's not hurting anymore. I don't look forward to the day that I have to put my crazy animals down. They are family, truly!


i'm so sorry you lost samson. losing a pet is so difficult - i'm thinking of ya.


Nicole, I'm really sorry. It's SO hard to put a dog down :(


so sorry for your loss.


I'm so sorry to hear that! That had me crying. I know what that's like and it is tough...thinking of you also.


Oh Nicole, I am so sorry. Hang in there & know I'm thinking of you. Hugs!


Thinking of you....

Erin Malone

As fellow dog-owners/lovers, we are very sorry for your loss! We are thinking of you all!

Erin Malone

As fellow dog-owners/lovers, we are very sorry for your loss! I am in tears right now knowing what you are going through. We're thinking of you!


Saying goodbye is hard.
I'm sorry you lost such a special part of your family this weekend. Hugs for you guys...



I am SO, SO sorry...there really are no are in my thoughts....xoxo

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