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November 21, 2007



OMG! I almost peed MY pants reading this post!


at the hospital we used to use maxi pads and it worked. omg that picture is way to funny. perfect xmas card ! HA!


That's hilarious! I have a picture of Morgan with duct tape on her diaper, she always took it off if she had no pants on. She now knows how to take the pants and diapers off,especially if it's poopy. Kids are so fun!


wow.. the look on his face!!!
and the MAXI PAD idea.. freaking genius.
ill have to remember that one.

hilarious post

Michelle Sauer

Ok, first of all, love the tape idea. That's hilarious! Second, I was going to suggest the overnight diapers, but I like Kim's idea better! Funny stuff. We don't have too big of a problem with diapers so I haven't had much experience. I just know I can't use Target brand, Bianca once pee'd all over my leg because the diaper didn't absorb any of it! Yucky. Good luck.


yep, i was going to sugges the "get a bigger size thing," but i see sarah has already done that! should work!

i know, im no parent, but i pick up a lot of things from the daycares! :-)


I have the solution. And if you were closer you'd hug me - seriously. We did this with M when he was going through it, he soaked through constantly. Get maxi pads (thick flow kid) and slap one in the diaper. Problem solved, seriously. They soak up the pee then anything that is not soaked up, the diaper picks up. Freaking genius.

Sarah S.

We were having the same problem, we use Luvs during the day and he was leaking out of almost every diaper, both day and night. We tried Pampers..same thing so we moved him up a size even though he doesn't weigh the amount the package says. At night we use Huggies Overnights and they work great! I don't remember if he's ever leaked out, if so only once. They are made out of a different material and some how can absorb more.

Leslie A. Collins

Maybe try Pampers?

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