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October 05, 2007



Doesn't it suck when you are totally overwhelmed and can't woit for your reinforcement to come home and then they get home and...well..suck.


I'm going to hit a 2 for 1 comment here :) The skating thing will go great! As you probably know from taking the girls, it is usually not too busy & the early skate times are the best time's to go. P will have a great time!
Now for your previous post about the recycling.... Oh how I wish! We had to recycle when we were in Florida on vacation & I LOVED IT!! It was so easy! We put out soooo much trash it is insane. When in Fla. our trash volume was literally cut down by 75%. We had MAYBE 1/2 of a small plastic shopping bag every day for the trash pickup & everynight we would take a walk to the recycling area & drop off our items. It could be so much easier & cheaper, not to mention better for the environment. Unfortunately, kids & butthead of a husband not-on-board!
Ok, now that it's a novel-have a great weekend!


What's the tile for?
I wish all the home improvement stores had play areas like Menards... we miss that!!

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