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October 05, 2007



Yes! Every little bit counts...and once you get used to's not so hard.


i was happy about the target wipes too! funny. i was wondering what the deal was.

let me know how ice skating went. i think we might try to bring tucker when they finally have ice on the rink. :)


That's so good to try ice skating with Porter. I was unsuccessful with my boys with ice skating when they tried. I wish I tried it earlier but will have to keep trying. Hope it went well. BTW I am Amy not Kelly (Kelly is my last name)but no big deal. Take care.


I'm wishing for one of those lazy days, don't worry you're intitled to it, you're a busy mom!


I found an awesome GAP one piece on e-bay for like nothing.

Did you make it to ice skating? Ryan was able to not only skate but play hockey by the time he was three, kids pick it up so fast!

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