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October 12, 2007



i love runs house. i thought it was so brave of their family to share such tragedy. i thought they handled it with such grace.


I LOVE, LOVE Run's's one of the very few reality show that incorporates God into their everyday lives. And I love his little inspirational quotes at the end of the show....they're great!

But, as for most of the reality shows, especially on VH1 and MTV...they seem soooo sexual, which I hate. I mean don't get me wrong I crave a little scandal here and there, but the sexual stuff they show on DAYTIME TV just blows my mind!! I think when Donnie gets old enough to watch TV on his own....we will definitely be blocking certain channels!


I think he is right why should they make a reality tv show only happy that is not reality. I think as long as it was okay with the family. As for the viewers, we have a chose as to wether we want to watch, if it's too much I don't watch it. Good topic Nicole, peiople either seem to hate reality tv or love it. Personally I'm a reality tv junkie, I'll have to check this one out.


Ok-I'll just touch briefly on this one, as I am dabbing my eyes (& wondering why my 'NEW & IMPROVED' medicines didn't help my migraines-ugh) Sad story, but like stated, celebrities aren't on a pedestal & shielded from tragedy, just as when Sharon Osbourne fought her round of cancer on TV. I like this topic though & am glad to see some posts from you Girlie.
Hope to see some pictures from this weekend & please tell Lori I said 'Hi' & give her a hug for me. I was thinking of her the other day when my daughter had a friend over to play Barbies & Candyland :)

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