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September 28, 2007



We have the full psycho version tantrums with 2 of our kids. I have left the store with the cart full on too may occasions to count. At home I just completely ignore them and step right over them. Will it ever end?


You know, we have never gotten to that point. I think if you handle them in a way where a kid knows what will happen, often they don't escalate.

They only escalate when they figure that turning it up a notch will result in them getting what they want. If they know it's not going to happen regardless, I think they tend not to bother.

And the time out is a beautiful thing as it can happen ANYWHERE. Brad found it amusing when I gave Morgan one in the middle of a beach LOL

And they totally calm down. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I gave M one. Just the threat of "If you do that again, you will be having a time out" is enough now!


Tiegan already has the kicking/screaming/flailing tantrums where she purposely falls on the floor to dramatize. Oh boy is she ever the drama queen!! I have been trying the same "time out" tactic and I have to tell you it is working slowly but surely. Jason is the "come here honey, what's wrong?" snuggling type, so I guess I am the bad guy, LOL.
But I do have you to thank!! It was after I read your last post about how you went through time-outs with Porter (and how well they worked) that I started trying them with Tiegan... and voila... they started to work!

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