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September 11, 2007


Yolanda Williams

You know that you're crazy, right? These are hysterical and funny to see! Thanks for putting a much needed smile on my face today!

Michelle Sauer

I like them! THey are unique and not your average shot!


More, more, more! You must have more outtakes! These are so friggin funny! I am laughing my a$$ off :)
Loving the disclaimers too!

Danielle Nilsson

Hhahahahahahah hilarious!!!! Love the captions :)

Denise H.

You are too Funny! I especially Loved the Retarded Hand Family! hehe


Seriously. You. Are. So. Damn. Funny!

Kristi Sauer

Your outtake posts have me ROFLMAO!!!! Too funny! Glad you're a good sport and can make fun of yourself in good fun!


Oh, and the boob grab...

I'm pretty sure I had just told you to stop doing queer things with your hands so you grabbed your boob instead!



You are having waaay too much fun with these...LOL!!!


HAHA! Your family is way adorable and you crack me up with your captions. My hubby is the same way... whenever I post something about him in a negative way (not helping around the house, usually, and in a joking manner), he gets all pouty because now all my blog-friends will think he's a jerk. haha. I still love these "outtakes" - what a great scrap page they'd make!

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