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September 09, 2007



I'm generally just a lurker on your blog, but I just had to comment on this post. . .you are SO HILARIOUS! You totally cracked me up. That "tongue" pic is too funny. But they are all cute candid family pics =)


You're a trip!! LOL!!

Kristi Sauer

How funny! Just shows you laugh a lot :)
Adorable new banner!


Those are cute! Even if you think you have a BIG mouth! It will be great to look back at those 5-10 years from now! ha!

Danielle Nilsson

hahahahahha love them all :)


Those are great pics! Peyton loves them too.


You're crackin' me!


I was laughing so hard @ your comments! Eat their young! HA! The pictures are actually pretty good compared to some of the doozies I have had taken of me & my family(which is why I haven't many of myself)


actually that second to the last picture is a good one..


that was great!! thanks for the great laughs while at work bored off my ass!


OK, I can't say I usually laugh out loud when I'm alone surfing the net - but the tounge picture just did me in. Seriously, that freaking KILLED me LMAO

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