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September 30, 2007



Hope you are feeling better. I wonder if its the weather. Peyton had a migraine Sunday and Monday.

Kristi Sauer

Sounds awful! Hope you feel better this week :)


Oh I feel horrible that you still came out on Friday evening. It probably didn't help it with you pretty much staring at the table for 6 hours and looking at different colors and using your mind way too much to try to put pages together. I hope the chiropractor helps out some more. I guess we won't go running just yet, huh?? Keep me updated!


Ooof! I am currently squinting through this message w/ one eye open due to my 'Wake Up To Monday Morning Migraine!' Waiting for my Fiorinal to kick in!
I hope you get some relief quickly & that your chiropractor can work the kinks out :)


Sure you're not pregnant?? I had headaches and almost passed out on a treadmill at a gym before I found out I was with my last son. I hope you feel better.

Sarah S.

I had a very similar experience 2 years ago, except I don't get migraines. My husband ended up taking me to the ER and we found out I had a UTI...without any of the typical symptoms. If you don't get better you might want to get checked out. Walgreens sells home test kits for UTI's now so you can do it in the privacy of your own home :-)


Sorry to hear about your weekend... I hope you can get the rest and relaxation today that you need and you're good as new to start the week off right!
Hopefully you got all the migraine crap out of your system for awhile and the chiropractor can give a little help to figure out how to fend those off. No fun!!!


sorry to hear about the migraines...hope you feel better soon! get some rest!

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