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September 21, 2007



So I guess I should have sued the carseat company when my daughter fell out of hers when she was a baby.

I was a terrible mom and she was just barely in the "wiggle" stage after her not moving stage of babyhood. I left her unattended in the carseat up high and she arched enough to rock the seat and fell out. I left her side for 30 seconds.

She was taken to the hospital and kept over night to make sure she was ok. It NEVER crossed my mind one time to sue anyone. I was the idiot. I can not believe people that have to blame other people for thier mistakes. To make themselves feel better about being stupid I guess. I could still cry about it, I was the dumb one, not the car seat company or Bumbo----SHeeesh people!


I call those kinds of people "sue-happy" people. LOL. That would be like me using my hair dryer in the bathtub and suing because I got electrocuted.


So true. When are people going to start being responsible for their own actions? Why do they always need to blame someone else?


What a bunch of morons. Some one needs to poor chlorine in that gene pool.


I love, love, love that you called them dinks! lol! I haven't heard that word in forever! We also have a Bumbo, and have had Acadia on the table with it. But now that she's rolling over and almost crawling, we don't have her on the table, for the fear that she will tip over. People just need to use common sense, and they obviously didn't


It is amazing how people always want to blame others for THEIR stupidity! those parents are just stupid if they think this lawsuit is going to go anywhere...


My lord, you can't sue because you are a stupid parent! That is ridiculous. Bumbos rock!


I love our bumbo. I am sad at parents like that- the bumbo isn't babysitter, it's a SEAT!!!!!!


That is one thing that is wrong with this country... people suing other people for their own stupid mistakes! This is just like spilling hot coffee on yourself and then suing McDonald's... wow.


That is just insane. Stupid parents!


No crack me up! hahaha
Some parents constantly want to blame others for thier own stupidity!


I agree. They won't be able to sue and/or it would probably be laughed out of court if they tried.

BTW...what happened to "Thoughts for Thursdays"??


And you know how far they will get with that lawsuit? NO WHERE. Seeing how right on the Bumbo seat warning label on the back it says, Never use on a raised surface. Designed for FLOOR USE ONLY. The baby seat is not designed to be totally restrictive and may not prevent release of your baby in the event of vigorous movement.

Good luck on that.

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