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September 27, 2007



I need to belong to B.A.A. too!! If I'm not playing on YouTube or Myspace, I'm Blog Hopping all over the internet. I have at least 10-12 Blogs that I check regularly PLUS 2 of my own to work on!! How sad and bored am I?? ;P LOL!!


So, Preston is only 8 weeks old but my addiction started before he was born! I don't have anywhere near 300 books for him, but I already have a hefty collection. Can't wait to buy more and I love that Border's sends me 20% coupons all the time.

Kristi Sauer

Fabulous idea, Nic! I think for your categories you should classify them by age group as well :)


We are also a family of books. Great idea for a blog. I'll send ya the names of a few I have been wanting to buy. You can never have too many books right?

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