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September 05, 2007



Um, that looks good compared to our dirty days! :O) Try it with 4 kids and way too much room to spread all sorts of crap out sink looks almost identical to yours---lol----but everyday! I HATE HATE HATE dishes! :O)

I hope they buy it---good luck!!! Where you gonna go if is does sell?


It doesn't look that bad. Anyone with kids, can relate! It always looks worse to you than others. :) Hope your migraine went away!


Most be the weather Peyton and I both have headaches too. Nicole, I wish my house was as clean as yours! Just one more reason for me to be jealous of you *sigh*

Michelle Sauer

My house smells like dog too! It's full of dog hair 98% of the time as well. I don't know what I'd do if I had to keep it clean for showings! In my mind, it's no biggie, but I've never bought a "used" house before. The models have always been immaculate. Good luck, I hope you get a bite! Seems like a perfect place for a young family!


I agree with Jessica! I would think your house was disgusting if there was poop on the walls and mud all over the floor... and if your house smelled like a foot. LOL. My house looks like this 90% of the time since Jason and I both work now, even when Tiegan is only home during the evenings! I feel your pain, though, I am constantly apologizing to people for my messy place and I feel embarrassed when people have to see it this way, because it's sooooo not who I am!


I have to agree...You probably gave them a glimpse into the future of their own reality! Check!
Hope your 'helgraine' is better:) Mine have been absolutely all over the place lately!

Kristi Mangan

Oh man... well they got a taste of their lives to come if she is pregnant - once the baby comes no time to clean up (at least not at my house)... I hope it goes well... I enjoyed the commentary on each room! :)

Heather S.

I hope your gone! I can totally relate to that! I agree that your house just looks like a toddler lives there. You made me laugh, though, with your detailed description - I actually choked on a bite of pie!! Good luck!!


Um... that looks like a normal day in my house. As you well know. It's really not that bad. And hey, they still liked it enough!! Good luck with that. I think. Depending on what you are planning on doing.

Did that distract the headache away?
Chin up- you're halfway to the weekend!


Everyone's right. There's nothing wrong with a 'lived in' look. If the woman looking at it were actually to believe her home will be totally perfect all the time after that baby's born...she wouldn't be very realistic. Now that my kids are older, it's easier for me to keep things in order. But before that, when they were all younger, no way. Good luck!!


Maybe they'll love the "lived in" effect and want it! :)


You are SO funny!!! Believe me - your house looks clean compared to mine!


i'm sorry nicole, this post really had me laughing! love your room to room detail. i think we all have these days where our homes look like a total pit...especially with kids! it just figures that those are the days when someone is coming over!

good to hear you are in the running with the buyers! good luck.


Hey mine looks like that 6/7 days!! I'm sure it has been tough for you with going back to school this week and lots of adjustments to deal with. Nevermind that you just started running as well and beat up from it! The good news is you are still in the running!!

Kristi Sauer

Oh no!!!! Well, at least you're still in the running!!


Don't worry...people understand. My house is clean & spotless on Sunday night, but it's a disaster by the time Friday rolls around. I think most people our age can sympathize. We're all busy with kids, work, laundry and just plain trying to keep our heads above water. LOL! Do you guys have another house picked out incase they decide to buy yours?


Of course someone wants to look at it when it's a mess, isn't that some rule or something? LOL! It's really not that bad, Nicole...It looks like a toddler lives there, and you're busy people. Nothin' wrong with that!

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