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August 18, 2007


Leslie Collins

Looks like you are having fun. Tell Heather hello. Have a great week. Cute pic's....


I was waiting to see a posting from you guys to see how the party went.. Now I gotta head over to Heather's blog to see the pics. Have a great week in Missouri!!


I love the pic of the three of you - too cute! :)


I know this will probably get the "weirdest/most random comment award" but I love the "nb" watermarks on your blog pics. haha.

Anyway, I LOVE the picture of the 3 of you blogging together!! that's perfect for a scrapbook! (I bet even the outtake pictures would be cute to include on a scrapbook page)


Hey there! So glad your trip is going well. I hope it continues! Greg teaches at Band Camps for a ton of different schools, so for like the whole month of August we barely see him. :( Anyways, I gotta go do my call reports for work and then try to think up a blog myself! lol. Hope to hear more about your visit soon.


Okay so when I check out Heather's blog before yours, I saw the picture and I looked twice cause I thought that was you and then I thought..."that girl looks a lot like Nicole..nooo it can't be her." And then I looked again. "Oh my God, it is her! haha." Too funny! Love the picture. Glad that you are having a blast!


Sounds like you are having a great time. Enjoy your vacation, I am sure you will be starting back to school real soon. Our kids come back on Wednesday. Porter is so cute with the big trucks.


Well, I know who to entrust surprises with-HA! You are good!

Hope you have a good time & look forward to more pictures.


HA HA! that pic of all of y'all blogging together is so great! Heh heh:) Glad you guys had a safe trip down, and good luck on the trip back with Porter!


You're blogging picture is classic! So funny. Glad you guys made it down there ok. Have a fun week!!

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