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August 25, 2007


Ben Yoskovitz

Getting comments is always a challenge. Lately I'm dealing with this question: "What do you do when comments start to slow down on your blog?"

Something I hope to tackle soon...

Thank you for linking to my blog writing tips, I appreciate it! Maybe you'll stop by and ... comment? :)

Kristi Sauer

Great post, Nic. Blogging is always on my mind too, but I find that if I don't put a brief thought to blog about later on a post-it-note, the thought goes away. Either that or I don't have time to blog about everything that is on my mind. I also don't want to have so many posts that readers feel overwhelmed or that certain posts go unnoticed.
I will try to take your advice to get more comments because I certainly love them too!


Great tips!! I'll have to try that on my Blog instead of pure, for-no-other-reason, venting.


Great advice Nicole! Thanks!!!! :)


I think I'm realizing more and more that I don't tend to comment nearly as much when I use Bloglines instead of actually visiting blogs I like. If I sit down to check bloglines when I only have a couple of minutes, I run through my new feeds, I tend to skim over posts and then tell myself I need to come back and post comments later. Only later never comes because then I forget. I think I need to just blogline the blogs I rarely read; the people I don't really know and where it doesn't reallly matter if I keep up on "real time" with them. Then take the time to actually go by and visit friends'/acquaintances'/people I want to keep up on blogs when I have time to "converse" a little. Maybe that Google Reader will be better for that? I'll have to check it out.

Michelle Sauer

Thanks for the advice. I feel like I have no time to be creative or solicit comments :) You on the other hand do a great job with your posts! I always try to comment no matter what, but sometimes I just do a quick read of the blogs and go. I think that's what most people do.


thanks for all the sweet tips! comments are like little gifts! everyone loves to get them!


LeeAnn... (I'm trying this whole "reply to comments in the comment section" thingy ma bobber).

I guess I'd suggest thinking of just the simplest topics to blog about. It doesn't have to be a major life altering event it can be something as simple as discussing thoughts and opinions on things or your feelings about something that other people can relate to.

For example, on our way home from St. Louis, Porter and I were eating in Arby's. He was sitting in the booth like a "big kid" (I wanted him to be able to stretch and move around as we were in the car all day). He kept turning around and flirting with this old couple, to which I kept reminding him to turn around and leave them alone. He also was putting his greasy hands all over the window as he watched the traffic drive by. I had a "blog moment"... I started thinking... 'Hmm... is that acceptable- to let your kid put their greasy hands on the windows?' and I immediately thought of blogging it and asking readers their opinions.

I'm always finding little moments of the day where I think "I should blog that!" Heather and I left the kids with Ryan on Thursdsay and went to the Dollar Store (so I could pick up some cheapo toys to toss back to Porter in the car when he got fussy), and we were joking that we should go into the furniture store to "shop" for bedroom furniture and take a nap on the beds since we were childless and so exhausted from our long stressful day with cranky kids in the hot sun. We both said "That'd be so funny to blog!" Dorks, yes, I know.

Blogging is always on my mind.


I still feel that I don't get many comments is because I don't have good content. I have never been a great writer in school and stil don't know what to write about. I love reading blogs and commenting when I feel I have something to comment on (because I know how good it feels to receive comments), but I can't seem to 'think' of topics to write of. Any insight on that problem??


huh... i did not even realize i had the authentication thing turned on... going to try to turn it off now, thanks! :)

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