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August 30, 2007


Kristi Sauer

I seriously can't believe how well he talks! My best friend has a son exactly one year older than Porter and he still doesn't really talk!? Or his words are not clear

Denise H.

That is too Cute! I hope that I have a Sweet little boy like Porter one day!


the video's of porter are always so cute! and we got to hear him say lah yoo to boot! :)


Ok, got ur comment, went to the link.... MAN you're creative. Even having seen your pictures, I don't think I could EVER recreate that! lol. WOW. You're such a good Mom Nic! Porter is lucky to have you! However, NOW you have the wheels turning, and I'm more inspired than ever to be creative this year! Thanks :)


That is SOOO cute! And after reading the post where u told us he started saying "love u" I have to admit i was like "I want to hear it! Where's the video?" lol, but u snuck it in this one, so I'm happy! :) Such a gorgeous little boy you have.


Nicole, he is she a cutie pie! I love the videos...Porter always brings a smile to my face.

Mom Bzzzzy

Porter Nana will see you tomorrow, I liked your video, thank you!!! Love Nana


He is too cute Nicole!


HAHA!! I love it, He does very well on command!!

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