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August 24, 2007



I think Lina needs to start blogging!!!!

Sarah S.

I totally agree with the commenting thing! I get a comment once in a while on our blog but they are usually from my mom and I'm losing motivation to blog anymore. I even wrote a blog asking for people to comment to let me know they're reading because I was considering shutting it down...kind of sad! Anyways, everyone is welcome to click on the link to view my blog if you'd like and I'll try to be better about commenting myself, I'm losing motivation for anything blog related right now.

Kristi Sauer

Funny! Hope Lina gets a blog :)
And I also want to say that what you said is so true. It is very one-sided when people don't comment


I agree Nicole. I know Lina has a lot to say:)!


I agree!!! Come on, Lina!! :)


Lina!! We want to read your blog as well--- COMON- YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!


Leslie Collins

Yes Lina, she is good at setting up blogs....Join the bandwagon girly.


Go Lina!!!! You can do it! :)


I second the Lina nomination... one of my best commenters and I have no idea who you are!! I'd love to get to "know" you better and read more than just a couple sentences at a time from you! Get yourself over to Blogger and get rolling!!


You are too funny! I was just telling Kelly that if I had enough to write about that was interesting, I might 1/2 think about it! Fighting kids, grumpy husband, b**chy wife-sounds like a bad Tuesday night sitcom :)


Want to add another "L"?? LOL! I still need help with my banner too!!

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