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August 26, 2007


Kristi Sauer

FYI- I switched to Google Reader after this post and now I am totally sold. I haven't been back to bloglines since!


Okay I'm coming out of the shadows to say hi from Florida. All I can say about this post is I'M HOOKED to the new game you have introduced to us all!!! I will tell the hubby to thank you :-)

Thanks for the info on google reader, thus far I am loving it and I think I'll leave bloglines.


Hey thanks for linking over to my page, maybe I'll get some new readers!! Yea! But now the pressure is onto blog more!!


Hey!! When I actually started to read blogs, I know a lot of you referred me to Bloglines, But I actually also came across Google Reader, (probably since I have Gmail - google mail)and I also really like it a lot!! I does take up about an hour to update blog postings though I've noticed, so I don't know how that compares with bloglines. But Other than that Its pretty user friendly!

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