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July 31, 2007



Ewww, man, I am dreading that kind of diaper. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished though!!


Oh boy i remember those days- and I do not miss them. Picture that poopy mess, but with two boys in the crib playing in it- and it was all over the walls too- they took off each others diapers- way too stinking (literally) gross!!! The day that happened was the day they started sleeping in separate cribs- we got out the graco travel bed and they were separate from there out.


p.s. nope I don't scrapbook, but I wish I could! I just don't have the money for supplies or anything. I would LOVE to!!


YIKES! doesn't sound like my ideal way to wake up. Hopefully you've gotten all the "bad stuff" out of the way so the rest of the day is smooth sailing!


Hopefully today will go better.

Mom Bzzzzy

sounds like alot of fun to me, lol!! Try to have a good day. Love Mom

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