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July 30, 2007



Definitely go to a store and hold the razr phone before you buy. It felt really "plasticy" to me, cheaply made and over priced.

I personally bought a Treo 650 -- which is probably overkill for your needs -- but I bought it on ebay new for about $400 less than what the Sprint store was charging.



The RAZR is fragile and hard to hold with the shoulder! I am glad I do not have mine anymore!

Kristi Sauer

I ought the black Razr two years ago when they first came out and I have hated it from the beginning. You cannot hold it with your shoulder and it is not comfortable at ALL. But I am too cheap at the moment to buy a new phone...I am waiting for the Iphone to come down a little and then i am goingf to get that!


the RAZR is a great phone but it is VERY fagile. If you are a dropper steer clear of it.


If you drop your phone a lot like I do, I wouldn't get the Razr. I have it and don't particularly love it.


Just went and looked at the Nokia - that's the one Brad has and he loves it!


I have it (in pink of course LOL) and honestly, I'm not a huge fan. I don't really know what bugs me about it but I wouldn't get it again - I was lured in by the pink!


My sister had a RAZR and after it's button's failing to work (on 3 seperate phones) they finally replaced it with a different model. I would go with the Nokia over the RAZR anyday.

But if you want more choices of free phones go to That is where I got my SLVR for free by just renewing my contract with AT&T.


A friend of mine has that Nokia, and she loves it. She drops it ALL OF THE TIME, and she says it takes the repeated beatings and just won't die. (don't know anything about the razr other than all of those features seem pretty!)


I have a RAZR and to be honest, it's a great phone for the graphics & style but it feels a little flimsy to me. It's thin & sleek, but I like to hold my phone on my shoulder too and it's hard to do with the RAZR unless you want to give yourself a kink in the neck! And you should see mine - there are scratches, dents and loose parts everywhere. LOL. And I've only had it for a few months!
The Nokia looks like a good phone to me :) And as far as I know, Nokias last forever.

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