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December 10, 2006


Shelley Rankin

LOve your gorgeous tree and presents. That sage green is the same color as my business color! good choice! :)

Merry Christmas


I love those shots of your tree!! The coloring of them looks so magazine-ish!

P.S. Your gifts are gorgeous! I tell myself every year that I'm going to make mine pretty, and then I realize how horrible I am at wrapping, get sick of it, slather on some tape, and call it a day! LOL!


Nic, Your new banner looks great. Your tree looks wonderful. Porter looks more and more like Ryan everytime I see a new picture of him.

Kristi Sauer

Happy Birthday, Nic!! Glad you had a better day...your tree and new banner are gorgeous!!
Ps I have been in a bit of a blogging funk lately too. No worries, but please don't shut this baby down!!


Hey Nicole,

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday!! :) And I LOVE the new header! Too cute.


Happy Birthday Nicole! Very Beautiful Tree & Wrapping!! Any time you are ready you can go into the tree decorating & wrapping business!! You are hired-Ha!! My tree looks like Charlie Brown Christmas compared to yours.


LOVE the new look of the blog! I got my card this past week & I think it's adorable!! Glad you had a good birthday! Hope you have a better week! :o)

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