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October 27, 2006


kristi Sauer

Everything okay over there, Nic? Its been like 4 days without an update! LOL. Hope you had a nice Halloween!

Nurse Amber

Ok first that costume is toooo much I love it! And I adore the picture of him standing up in the leaves he looks like such a big boy!!

Kristi Mangan

awww... he is so cute - love his chicken costume! :) Yay! Those fall pictures of him are fabulous Nic!

Anne Glamore

Just stopping by to say that your work is fantastic! I'm really impressed.

Kristi Sauer

I love the new banner and colors and love Porter's cute little chicken costume! Too cute!


OMG are those gloves for legs?? HAHAHAHAHA SOOOOO FUNNY!I love it! That's definately one for his wedding slide show! LOL

P just wanted to be like his big (and battered) friend Morgan. He currently has 2 scrapes on his nose from a daycare run in, a mystery one across his forehead, a healing cut on his lip from his tooth cutting his lip and a big scratch from my nail (bad mommy) on his leg. Ugh.


Oh my goodness - that is the CUTEST costume! He definitely would have won the contest!

Love those last few pictures as well. He's getting sooo big!


He is the cutest little chicken!!! I like the other pictures too. I cannot believe how big he is getting. Time flies. .


I looooove the costume, it turned out great!!! He is such a cutie-pie!!! I know he totally would have won the contest!


i love them all.. and that chicken pic is so cute.. but i bet he'll kill you when he's older!


The last few pics are too cute!!

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